Sign in Process with multiple Value

How to create sign in process for application which have multiple value to authenticate i.e. user name, password and PIN?

HI @bhuvan

I am also having a similar scenario.

I tried using TOTP application, but I am not able to get the SecretKey in my automation process.

Let me know if you find any solution to this.

As I was suggested

I opted for Attended Automation.

But there is another workaround which I can think of -

Encrypt the PIN, store it in your mailbox, fetch it from the email using Read Mail activity and decrypt it in the process using PowerShell/Python script or a Microbot. Ensure to apply data protection on the decrypted pin.

Let me know if this helps.

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Good suggestion @Mantri

You can also encrypt or Decrypt that using Automation Studio -
With Assign Activity in Automation Studio -

String plainString = System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty, User_Password).Password

Whereas, User_Password to be variable of type SecureString

Users can also invoke VBA code in Automation Studio.