Mask data in Web Application

Hi Team,

I want to take a screenshot from a Web Application.
Before taking a screenshot, I want to mask text (Mobile number) present in a specific field of my Web Application.

How can I do it?

Example -

Original Screen

Screen to capture

I tried using Set Value, but it doesn’t seem to work

You can capture screenshot of web application with AssistEdge 19.1 - Automation Studio, and use REST API mechanism to mask certain part of that image with 3rd part available tools.

Hi @sumit.sagar

I just want to change the value of the element in the Web Application. Do I have to depend on 3rd party tools?

In this use case - you can try inspecting Javascript snippet to temporarily update Mobile Number with XXXXXXX, then take screenshot of the webpage.

I believe this option should work. We have used similar approach to change the background color of a cell (from a table) before taking a screenshot and it worked. Can you try to perform the same action using javascript to see if it is working?

Hi @sumit.sagar and @rajasri.muthaiya

I was able to achieve this requirement using Set Attribute action in Web Mode.

I changed the font to the unreadable font of SAPIcons and met the desired requirement.

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