Mask data for Multiple Rows in a table

Hi Team,

I asked a question earlier on how to mask the data in a Web Application. I was able to use Set Attribute to achieve my requirement

Now my requirement is to mask all the phone numbers displayed in the table row of Phone Number.
I want the output, something like below


I know I should again use Set Attribute, but how do I apply set attribute on all the cells of table row?

Can someday help me with this?
How can I use an action for all the rows in my Phone Number column?

Hi @prateek.mantri,
Please review control selector. If control selector follow specific pattern, you can use loop to create selector pattern (manual selector) and then use Set Attribute to mask phone number.

HI @bhuvan

The elements are not following any pattern.
Just that, the css3selector for the cell in first row is

#customers > :nth-child(1) > :nth-child(2) > :nth-child(2)

for the second row is -

#customers > :nth-child(1) > :nth-child(3) > :nth-child(2)

Is there a way I can dynamically change the css3selector?