What is Default Vault?

Where are the credentials saved whenever I provide Application Credentials while setting up the robots? Who can access these credentials?

In Credentials Manager it is saved, Role based access control (RBAC) mechanism is for Credential Manager.

You can use “Global Credentials” checkbox to sync application credentials that is provided in credential manager automatically. If “Use Global Credentials” option is checked, it inherits the Application Sign in credentials. Credentials are picked from the Default vaults.

For more details on Default Vault, you can refer knowledge base link -


So, do you mean that these credentials are saved within AssistEdge RPA?
Are they secure enough?


Application credentials are saved in encrypted format in AE RPA DB.

Credentials used to set up robot are stored in Windows Vault. AE RPA platform conforms to all Enterprise security standards.


Hi @amit_anand15

Can I control how these credentials are encrypted?

Whether I can modify the key with which the encryption of these credentials are done?


Yes, User can define the key with which credential are encrypted. Keys defined by user are saved in encrypted form

Keys to encrypt uder defined keys can also be changed using server command



Whether Central Key Management is used for providing the Key and Passphrase for encrypting these credentials?