Webapps focus coming out of the studio tab


I was able to navigate through webapps and select an application and start navigation, but then when i select a report tab, the page is coming out of the studio tab, so unable to capture control of that page. Pls help



Use shift click interaction in case a new tab window opens for report tab.


yes, did that, but unable to get the highlight on the tab



Once you configure shift click interaction for any web element then Dock Window button will come
Once new tab window opens Capture its url and in the properties window enter the same value in Dock Window url and then click on Dock Window button. This will dock the new tab inside studio as Tab1.



Yes i did that too…but control is not cmng for this page



Share screen shot for what you are trying to do. I will try to suggest an approach to resolve your issue



Amit, attached the screenshot



From your screenshot it appears that you are trying to automate Infosys Claims system. Perform following steps.

  1. Configure Emplyee Claim Record Link. Select interaction Shift Click. Keep the properties window collapsed while configuring since the links are overlapping due to small size of window
  2. Now click on the link manually to open in a new window. Page with url
    http://iscls2apps/CLAIMEXPV2/aspx/Report/CLXEmployeeClaimReport.aspx will open
  3. Now paste this utl in Text box Target window url and click on Click Button
  4. Newly opened window wil appear inside Studio as Tab Number 1


got page in second tab, but when i try getting control, its not showing any field selection in tab 1.i want to select seetled option and then click generate and then save report into a folder…



I was able to configure the Tab Number 1( Project Report screen). In case it is not happening for you, then once the page is docked, wait for some time and press Ctrl+Shift+S to enable start scrapping. Pause for 5 sec and then click stop scrapping. Press start field configuration and web elements should get highlighted.


Hi Amit. I have the same situation, where in when I click a launch button, it opens a separate window, I am not sure how to use shift click operation which you mentioned here



You can follow these steps:

  1. Scrap the link which opens a new window
  2. Right click on the link which opens the window and in context menu select Open in new window option. Copy the url
  3. Select interaction shift click in property window
  4. Paste the url and click Dock Window. New window will dock inside Studio



Thanks Amit. 2 queries:
In my case, the new window opens on click of a button and not a link. How do I use 'Shift Click ’ in this case.
Also when I try to run with Shift click in a link, the new window opens and i am able to dock to SE, However while doing test run, it is not able to locate the Element, ‘getting error related to Index’ which is present in new window. How can i automate the new window that has opened.


the error i get is : Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index
Activity State



What is the application that you are using. Post the url if it is in public domain



It is a client application intranet pre prod URL. This is how we generally connect to client network.

We login to Citrix to get into client network. We launch the URL from there. I can do a webex session with you if you can ping me your email address.



In case you are working on a citrix based application then the same will not get automated via web scrapping method. You will have to do image based automation in such case



After image based automation, is it possible to use web scrapping method? If yes, how I can do that?



Launch the application and capture the web elements and interaction to be performed on them post image steps.