Use of Process Bot

How do I create a Process Bot and how can it help me and my team members?


If your team mate has created a process then from Studio you can export the process as process bot.

Your team member can import the process bot in there separate environment set up and run the process


Hi @amit_anand15

From where can I create the processbot?

You can create process BOTs through Automation Studio.
Here are more details:
Processbots are package of a process that contains the metadata related to the process such as its name, author, tags, descriptions
and so on. Packaging a process with its metadata helps to know the utility and other usage details of the process.
A processbot is another way of migrating a process from one environment to another environment. All the processbots that are
created or imported appear in the Processbots tab. A processbot imported from AssistEdge Marketplace appears with the
Marketplace symbol.

The Bots tab allows you to manage processbots and microbots in Automation Studio. By default, Processbots is selected

HI @vineetrajendra_ghume / @amit_anand15

How do I export a process as process bot?
I can’t find any option in Migration or Processbots tab.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - Processbots contains metadata of process deployed - like name, author or tags. Processbots helps user to know-how the usage details and meta data of the Process. Users can export process to AssistEdge Marketplace, and on native machine.

Hi @Mantri

You can create Process bot in the Deployment Tab.
Select the process you want to add as a process bot, and then click the More icon .


Click Add as Process bot. The Add as Process bot dialog box appears.
Provide necessary details like Author, Description, Readme File Path and Tags.
Click Save, The process bot will be created.

Please refer the knowledgebase for more details. Processbots

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This is what I was looking for :slight_smile: