Unable to pass blank value from Excel column to Execute Query activity

Hello Team, @amit_anand15 Amit

I am using AE Studio v18.2 Enterprise Edition.

I am trying to read data from excel and inserting it into mysql database.

I am using Excel loop to read data from file and pass it to ‘Input Parameters’ in Execute Db query activity to pass values to store procedure.

When I have all values in the column in excel file, the process works fine and data is inserted successfully in database.

My issue is,
When I leave a cell for a header blank(value under Name header is left blank in attached screen shot), the process breaks at ‘Execute Db query activity’ saying ‘Object reference not set to instance of an object’.
I found out the control doesn’t even pass to store procedure and seems to be broken at Input Parameters.

Could you please assist on this issue and help to get it resolved.


@amit_anand15 : It would be great if you can share your inputs on the problem.

Hi @ameyaprabhune,
It seems that table column is not allow to insert blank value. Try to insert default value if cell value is blank.


For 18.2 Enterprise edition there is a key ExcelLoopPre176Behavior in config file of Atomation Studio

Change it to True. This will resolve your issue


Thanks for response. The column is already allowing the blank values but it was problem from AE studio end.

Thanks Amit for the solution. It’s resolved now after setting ExcelLoopPre176Behavior to True.