Unable to choose value from dropdown


I am trying to automate the process of finding the exchange value of various currencies. The site I am using for this purpose is https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter. In the “To” field, the bot is able to write INR, however, it is not able to choose INR from the resulting drop-down. How do I choose that value?


Use sendkeys “Enter” twice. It should load the value


If you are automating via IE browser then use following configuration as shown in screen shot below

Use delay of 2 sec after each step. Configure your text box with following selector


Thanks. Sending the enter key twice worked for me.

Under what circumstances do you use the “Focus window”?


Send Keys interaction requires application to be in focus. While executing process by eva bot we need to ensure that application comes in focus during execution. For this purpose we use Focus Application activity where in we provide Window title as a matching criteria

I am trying the same thing and stuck at the same place, can you tell me, for which component I have to send keys.

Send keys is used when you wants to execute keyboard event on a Ui element or an application