TimeOut Message During a DEBUG run


I am running debug
I have an Assist Edge loop checking a webpage for a trigger event

this works fine for awhile but then I get a timeout error from studio while waiting
restarting the process does work but I would like to let it run overnight for my off shift people to be able to see it working and use its feature

Can my timeout setting be Boolean? can it be extended?


Hi Brett,

That can be extended. Open file ( kept in folder \AssistEdge_CE\ACE) Automation Studio.exe.config with any text editor.
Modify value of key StudioSearchTime to large value greater than expected time of process run



I am sorry for duplicating my post then, I did not associate SearchTime with RunTime

Is there a document detailing the scope and meanings of these values in CONFIG?

Also is there a list of sample questions to help one prepare for the AssistEdge Certification?



Hi Brett,

As of now there is no documentation related to scope and meaning of keys available in config file. In case you need help with any specific key value do post it in forum



I will – ty VM



Amit – Hi. I need this test to run until I say stop. Because I do not know when the event will occur. Can the timeout be turned off? Failing that what is
the highest setting for the key?



Hi Brett,

Time out cannot be turned off. The time is in millisecond. Assuming your process runs for an hour you can set it to 3600000. You can further increase it as per your requirement.



I received a pop up box message from the application (running under test-run and not test-debug) saying the process had ended. But none of the requirements for it to end had been met

Is there another variable I need t set to allow test-debug and test-run to not stop until the code tells them to?



Probably script execution have reached the end of steps. Introduce Write Activity before steps in for debugging and ensure till what point script execution has reached.



I have write lines

I did not go to end of steps

There were no errors in AE log

There were no errors in windows log

The pop up is identical to the one received when you go to end of steps

So am very confused

I will run again today – and see if it goes away about same time