Sometimes Eva Bot is not able to close the Chrome browser


I have schedule a Eva Bot using Cron scheduling. But sometimes Bot is not able to close the browser and because of this execution is getting failed.



You must be getting some business exception because of which chrome browser may not be closing.

In order to make your script reliable use try catch block and in case of exception and in finally block logout from your application and close the browser


When I am running it from automation studio, browser is automatically getting closed before the next execution start. So why Bot is not able to close it?


Each Test run in Studio sets up its own env to perform automation which is different from behavior in EVA bit in which application is launched one time only.



Thanks for your reply but please help me to understand, What do you mean by application is launched one time only?
Because each time Bot is setting the environment first and then it is executing the process.



It depends on trigger configuration. Rule is.

1)EVA bot will launch application in case it is not previously launched. Will call reset of application ( Default or reset process configured for the application). Will perform automation configured
2) Studio on Set up will launch the application. On Close env will close the launched application. On doing Test run will perform automation in launched application. On Reset env if reset process has been configured and deployed will call the same or perform default rest of the application.
Hope , this calrifies



As suggested, I have tried the solution. I have used try catch and finally block. But still facing the same issue. Eva Bot is not able to close the browser and due to this execution is getting failed.


Are you closing browse explicitly in finally block. If yes, then check in logs why it is not happening


No. I am not closing the browser explicitly. When Bot start, it will automatically first closed the browser and then start execution.But sometime Bot is not able to close that Browser and due to this execution is getting failed. Is there any way in Assist edge community edition to close that browser?



I am not able to get your use case:

  1. What is the trigger that you are using ?
  2. If the bot is closing the browser then where is automation happening ?
  3. Do you want to close the browser post automation happens ?




  1. trigger type is Time Based trigger using Cron scheduling

  2. Before starting the new execution, Bot is closing the browser of previous execution and then it is starting the new execution.

  3. Sometimes bot is not able to close the browser of previous execution and therefore it is failing. Therefore am asking is there any way to close that browser?



You can try explicitly closing browser once you automation request is completed in the process itself



How can I explicitly close that browser in the process itself? by using image automation or is there any other way?


Apart from image automation you can use java script window.close or write a microbot yo achieve your purpose




I have tried javascript “window.close();” but it is not working. Do you have any sample microbot if you already have done it.


I do not have a microbot but you can find process id of chrome.exe and chromedriver.exe process and kill the same



Issue is resolved by using microbot. Thank you