ShiftClick Not Working

Hi I am working on website configuration. I am trying to configure a link with “Shift Click” and it is not working. Sometimes it opens the link in tab 1 , sometimes both tab 0 and tab 1 shows the same link and after that the page which loads is not getting configured. Please provide a solution.


Kindly specify on which url you are working and how are you configuring process

Please find the URL , the credentials are confidential and i cannot share them. The login is also not being captured on this URL.


Are you not able to configure login screen

Yes Amit, its shows the Error “Cannot find username”. I did that with Css3, Xpath, id etc…but nothing is working


try using javascript document.getElementById(‘sso_username’).value = “amit”. Replace amit with LoginId variable

Hi amit ,
this method is also not feasible. other then login process can you suggest somethhing with shift click process. even after opening a page in new tab its not able to configure that page anywhere and even because of that previous page also gets disabled for capturing.

AS far as your issue is concerned with login page , it does not require shift click interaction