Set the future date exclude weekends

Hi All,

How to set date as future date say 1 month from today’s date.
please find code snippets:
fromDate DateTime DateAdd(“m”,1,DateTime.Today)

fromDate1 String fromDate.ToString(“dd-MMM-yyyy”)

By using, I got the future 1 month date but in this I need to exclude weekends.
Please provide the code

Thanks in advance.


There is no direct function which you can call to get only business days. You will have to write a microbot and C # code for the same can be referred from



Thanks for information.

I need for the calender to select date as 1 month future date but excluding saturdays and sundays. I am able to set the value of 1 month future date for the calender in AssistEdge RPA
but I need to exclude saturdays and sundays also. I achieve this by using 2 assign controls and 2 variables as arguments(DateTime,String).