RPA Performance

Can the Admin Portal be used to monitor the performance of the RPA solution?

Hi @mrunalini

Within the AssistEdge Admin Module, you can navigate to Control Tower.
In Control Tower there’s a tab for Application Performance Monitoring.

You can monitor the performance of the Server where AssistEdge RPA is installed, Machines where Robots are running, Messaging Queues and TxnStore Indices.

These rich dashboards help you quickly understand holistic performance.

With these dashboards -

  1. You can view and filter different reports for periodic performance analysis for different diagnostic solutions.
  2. You can quickly drill down to the root cause of application problems.

Refer to this Knowledge Base URL for more info -


Proctor is not used in our setup. Manually configured robot agent is used to host the robots and Robot Farm Performance dashboard is not showing any data. Refer the screenshot. Does Robot Farm Performance shows data only when proctor is used?


Robot farm performance will show data of all machine where agent is running. It is immaterial if agent has been created via proctor or running standalone.


In addition to RobotAgent folder, i had copied APMClient folder to Robot farm and it is having folder folder structure.

When i start the robot agent manually, APMClient is not getting started. Can you please let me know if i need to make any specific settings?

Application Performance Monitoring - is role based access controlled, Robot Creator, Super User, Manager can access APM Dashboard. Can you check Roles assigned?

Hi @sumit.sagar, APM dashboard access have been given to respective role and it is accessible from ControlTower.

This issue has been fixed after updating APMClient.exe.config file with the poststeps given in SP4. Thanks.