Robot execution in Windows Server Machine

Can I execute the Automation Processes via Robot in Windows Server Machine? If yes, please help me required steps.

HI @bhuvan

Ideally, the product recommends that the environment in which Automation processes were created, in the same environment you should execute your automation processes.

So, if you have designed the automation processes in the Automation Studio of the Windows Server environment, you should execute the processes in the Windows Server environment using Robots.

The reason for recommending this approach is that there can be a few dependencies which may change if the server environment has changed.

Refer Knowledge Base for more info on Certified Environments - Certified Environment

You can execute Robots in any machine, that is configured at AssistEdge Enterprise - Control Tower.
You can Refer knowledge base for Robot Pre-Requisites.

Updating on @Mantri’s comment - Product supports Robots on all machines, that is configured at Control Tower, if it fulfills the Agent, Robot, Automation Process Pre-Requisites.