Remote desktop connection

Is it possible to connect to remote desktop or any server using assistedge community edition

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Hi @Poojitha?

Are you trying to automate any application in the Remote or you just want to connect to the Remote Machine?

hi prateek

After connecting to remote desktop i need to run the PowerShell script there.

Well @Poojitha

In that case, what you can do is that using the Community Edition you can automate the steps of Remote Desktop (mstsc) with Windows Automtaion / Win Pop-Up Handler.

But once you’re logged in into the VM, you’ll not be able to perform any step inside the VM.

So for this, there are 2 workarounds.

  1. Either you install Community Edition directly inside the VM and execute your PowerShell Script.
  2. You create a batch to execute your PowerShell script once you’re logged in.

If you want to take the approach of Step 2, then this link will help you out. How do I run a PowerShell script when the computer starts? - Stack Overflow

Had it been, you were on Enterprise Edition, then there’s a concept of Robo Agent which can help you to achive this requirement very easily.

Refer this link to know more about Robo Agent.

Thanks . This helps.