Regarding Role deletion configuration by javascript

I am trying to automate the User Role Deletion in oracle cloud instance by assist edge and facing an issue in configuration.

Coming to the configuration we take input from excel the role code, where we search for RoleCode in the instance and

If the role code matches with the given rolecode in excel we click on delete.

I have initially used control exists and incremented row number so that the control exists would increment and

Check for the value.

But an issue occurred while doing control exists ,as the control exists configuration is changing for every 25 rows and its

Taking different table structure.

Hence I have configured the rolecode using javascript by classname.

It is working as expected for the instance.

But when we try to deploy on other cloud instance,the classname used for configuring rolecode is changing.

Hence kindly help me in this issue.


If the class name is changing in prod instance then you will have to configure your java script accordingly.

Amit Anand

Hi Amit,

Coming to the instance,
there is no other unique attribute which we can use and common for all instance.
So is there any other option possible so that it can be used across all the other cloud instances as well.

Thanks and Regards,
Shreyasi Rachha


If there is no attribute which is common to all instances then probably image based automation may suit your use case provided screen application image and resolution remains same across

Amit Anand