Reading an xls and trigger an email based on logic formulated using xls

I’m building the following use case and need help with configuration and logical steps to meet the goal.

  1. Read the content of the xls
  2. Write some business logic based on the values defined in the xls (multiple rows) to trigger notification emails to the assigned user.

Please help with the components to be used for 1 and 2.


  1. To read content from excel you can use Excel Loop activity.
  2. To send mail use Outlook Activity (if you have outlook installed) or SMTP Mail activity inside SMTP application.


Hi Amit,
I’m stuck at step 1 as of now :slight_smile: Not able to figure out how to read xls data, apply checks and transport to SMTP. Please can you help with details.


Once you have selected your excel sheet then click on Setting icon to configure different column name to corresponding variable.

Excel loop will iterate as per the number of data row in your excel. For each iteration value of column variable will get updated as per the value in each incremental row

Double click on the excel. You can put your business logic inside the same. Value of the column variable will be the value in the row of that specific column for that iteration count.

For ex: If i have a excel with Column (Name) and values Amit, Amol, Sunit then my excel loop will iterate 3 time. Say i have mapped Name column to nm string argument. Value of nm will be Amit in first iteration, Amol in second and Sunit in third