Python script execution

How can I execute python script in Automation studio?
I tried giving it as WindowsApp and giving exe path with addition parameters, but not able to execute.

it takes time Setting up environment and doesn’t proceed further.


It is not possible to execute python script in Automation Studio as of now.


Dear User,
The feature to execute python scripts is currently WIP. It will be available in next release of Community Edition.

Iron python can be used to run python script for a micronbot. This bot can be used in Automation studio. I could achieve it.

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Hi Abhijit,

If possible kindly post your reference code here for other to follow


Here goes the sample code in a microbot:

public class EmailClassification : IAECodePackage
public void Execute(StudioContext context)
Process p = new Process();
string fileName = string.Format(PythonInputfilename);
p.StartInfo.FileName = PythonEXEPath; //Python.exe location
p.StartInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
p.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
p.StartInfo.Arguments = fileName; // start the python program with two parameters
StreamReader s = p.StandardOutput;
output = s.ReadToEnd();

Reference to use IronPython on C# studio is mentioned below:

Hi abhijit, Can you provide me steps how to run this?

Hi @rajeswari.muppidi

With the latest version of AssistEdge Community Edition 18.0, you can now run Python Scripts as well.