Python script execution using automation studio

How can i execute a python script in automation studio.


It is not possible to execute python script in Automation Studio directly. This will be available in further release.

I am suggesting a workaround:

  1. Write a bat file to invoke your python script
  2. Add cmd as a windows application in Studio and call you bat file.

okay…Thank you …

Python script can be executed in AssistEdge using IronPython. Using IronPython, C# code to execute Python can be written in a microbot. this microbot can be used in Automation Studio.

In the 18.0 version, we have an activity “Execute Python Script”. Using this activity,
I want to execute a Python script from Automation Studio. i believe we need to set the value of 2 keys: “PythonScriptFolder” and “PythonScriptPath” in the config file. Please confirm if this is correct or any other settings/configuration required.
I need to know the difference of these 2 keys and what values do i need to set. Please help on this