Process Migration


Can I migrate process created in CE Automation Studio to Enterprise version Studio?

Yes, AssistEdge Community users can back up Process deployed and restore the Process while utilizing AssistEdge Migration capability.

Hi @anshu.khetarpal,
In AE, we have different suits of products aims at different users requirements. We have thoughtfully provided features for each product offering. CE (Community Edition) is one of the basic starting points of Automation Journey, where users can get introduced to AE RPA. Enterprise Edition can be treated as the most comprehensive suit of Automation where users can starts automations easily, design processes, deploy process with help of Control Tower. Control Tower is heart of the system where user can manage process execution with ease and with at most security.
Comparing process execution and process development across these product lines is comparing apples to oranges.
CE has minimum spectrum of features, where as Enterprise has wide range of features including Intelligent Automation, AI ML integration. Different AE products provide different capabilities for different suit of users but that’s doesn’t mean that CE users can’t use Enterprise version. All products (CE, Enterprise, AE Lite) have user friendly UI and users need minimum help in starting their Automations in any of AE products.
Process Migration is not standalone activity, it includes various entities like User Identity, Robot Identity. There are various factors and environments (e.g. if you are using CE on your laptop but your Enterprise is hosted on AWS or Azure cloud) the Migration steps and methodology changes accordingly.
Hope this answers your question. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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When can we expect the CE Studio upgraded to the latest EE version?

In upcoming Release.