Outlook Search Email Result Mapping is giving True even though there are no search Results



I am facing a weird Issue with Outlook Search Email. I am using Result mapping variable to Proceed Further. But It is always showing true even though there are no search results. In If I have used Excel Loop Activity which will read excel. As there are no search results Excel is not being created and Automation is failed saying Excel doesnt exist.

Anyone faced this kind of Issue.




True will be returned if the system is able to success fully perform the search operation. It does not depend upon the result of search operation. Search operation result can be either zero if no matching crieteria is found. Even in that case search result will be considered successful and true will be returned. If the search operation itself fails then only false will be returned.

To recover from this scenario use Excel Loop inside try catch and perform a recovery operation in case File Not Found exception occurs.



A Variable with output value as true, if the mail was successfully searched and yielded at least one result, or false, if no mail was found matching the search criteria or if the operation failed due to any errors. – I was confused by this line in the document for Search Email Activity.


Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for pointing that out. Will get it corrected.