Outlook Search and download body in path excel

@amit_anand15, I tried searching for particular subjectline in mail and then taking it in excel, it gets executed successfully, bt outpt is blank…attaching outlook mail and studio



In keyword dropdown give the keyword with which you want to search email. You can give subject line in the same.


Thanks Amit. Yes. I gave only keyword it dint fetch, but keyword along with subjtline or body content works.

Hello Amit,

Is there any specific configuration required for SearchEmail functionality to work.
on my system, SendEmail feature is working fine but in case SearchEmail, the output should be an excel file with email details(Entry Id etc.)at a particular path that should be automatically created. The excel is not getting created
I tried by placing a blank excel file with required headers at the same location so that it is updated by SearchEmail functionality. Even this didnt work. Can you please help on this.