Need help in configuration

Hi Team,

I am trying to configure a process which has some status names like start,In progress,Approved etc as shown in below image


Below is description -

  1. Each status have sub menu which can include 2-3 type of user like Admin,Sales User
  2. This all value of status and users are comming from excel.
  3. Once we click on Status, we need to double click on user (sub menu)

How can i configure 3rd point so that process can dynamically click on the User value coming from excel.
Note : Id of those users present under Status is not in a sequence. Also same type of user can be present under many Status.(For example : Admin user is present uder Start,In progress etc)


First check what UI attribute uniquely defines a given status and the values under it. You will have to derive a logic based on same to uniquely identify the given control

Amit Anand