Multiple windows/tabs found with configured strategy for locating IE window/tab. Findby: hWnd : lookforbodytext


I have got control to the field and set values too from inpt source…bt when executing it comes and stand in that page…bt doesnt take the value set…i have tried checking if value is cirrect by using wrteline…outpt s cmng correctly…



Please ensure you are doing set up environment from Studio and then closing the env. AS shown in screenshot in another post I am able to set value in IE window for Way2sms web application


Yes in the login page…i am able to set values…this error i posted is post login page…message page…


ok. Let me know what use case you are trying to automate and on which step you are stuck


send unable to set values for the screen attached…studio and app screenshot attached.stdio


@amit_anand15, attached screenshots



There is no need of activity Focus window for IE application automation. Remove the same.
Check for different selector option for UI elements Mobile Number and Enter Message. Select which works for you


tried all UI elements but throws same error…even tried screen scrapping, it says not able to find…i need your desperate help in this, as i want to submit this project this week…



I am able to scrap the fields after login page and on doing Test run able to set value also. Find below the screenshot of the selector obtained after scrapping. I suggest you go through training videos in order to have better understanding of product.


i am to do the same for login page, only for this control i am not able to set the value…u meant scrap the field, did u mean image scrap, because when i use that it throws “No match found for configured image”. can you pls show me the studio configuration that you did, because the properties field wht i did is same as what you have done.


By scrapping i mean finding Web elements control using Start Configuration button. All the web control are easily identifiable using Web Based configuration in this site. The configuration that was done is already in above screenshot.


i have done exactly the same as you did. attached screenshot

…nt sure hw do i clear ths…


@amit_anand15, can you suggest from my screenshot what is wrong with my configuration, i am unable to proceed on this, as its exactly what you told



This configuration appears to be correct. Try putting some delay previous to this step to ensure that page is loaded completely


Yes tried delay , but it still stands in that page and then time out.



I think you are doing some thing fundamentally wrong while creating your process. Reverify your process. Make sure that your process has only four activities. and there is a delay of at least 3-5 sec in between each of two activities.

First to set mobile num in web element with id mobileNo
Second to set password inw web element with id password
Third to set recipient mobile number in web element with id mobile
And Last to set message in web element with id message


Yes…delay placed…stl.same…is there a way i can screenshare or take support for this by raising ticket?



If you have enterprise license then you can raise a support ticket