Masking Pattern and Anonymized

I am using Data Protection feature in Automation Studio to secure our business and operation data. Can some one help me to understand the different between Masking Pattern and Anonymized

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 has capability of fallback mechanism to support for Data Protection along with Data Masking and Data Anonymization.

Data Masking here refers to envisioning the data that looks structurally similar to original but hides sensitive information.

Objective of Data Masking is to create a functional substitute that does not expose the data while Reporting, Automation Process logging and orchestration.

Data Anonymization modifies and encrypts the entire data.

Users can also configure the alerts of Data Protection to ensure that process does not fail, if mismatch in data masking patterns.

Hi @bhuvan

Masking patter will mask your data based on the different patterns

Please hover on the pattern to understand the examples -





But, when you opt for anonymization, then masking will not be applicable.
As @sumit.sagar mentioned, with anonymization, the entire data will be encrypted.