Location of Web Element

Hi Team,

Is it necessary that my web element should always be visible on the screen to execute the action on it?
What can I do to bring the web element visible on the screen?

Hi Mantri,
It’s not necessary that web element should always visible. Web automation will work even your web application is minimized.
Please share your business scenario if you are looking differect scenario.

HI @bhuvan

I have a table with many rows.

All the rows are not visible on the screen. While running the process it is giving me the error -

element click intercepted: Element is not clickable at point (1482, 950). Other element would receive the click: div class=“row” style=“background-color:rgba(100 100 100 / 0.9); border-top-left-radius:15px;border-top-right-radius:15px; padding-top:1em; padding-bottom:1rem; position: fixed; width:71.3rem; bottom:0”>…
(Session info: chrome=XXXXXXXX) Click Fail

Please help

I was able to fix this issue using Scroll into view.


I bought my element in the centre of the screen

Referred Knowledge Base

Web Mode.

We can use Scroll Into view or Scroll By to bring the element in center