Issue in Downloading Attachment from Webpage

Hi team,

I am creating a process in AE in which I need to download some attachments. But the process is not able to recognize attachment element on webpage.

I have used following activities: -

  • GetText
  • GetValue
  • GetAttribute
  • ControlExists

Nothing worked!

I also tried Win popup handler. In this, it is not recognizing main block of webpage. Only header and footer option can be seen while configuring.

I can’t use Image automation in this, as the name of attachment is not fixed.

Can you please help me with this asap as it has become a roadblock for my automation process and I am not able to proceed further.

Isha Bhatnagar


Interaction which you are using * GetText, * GetValue, * GetAttribute are used for getting required test or value of a configured UI element.

They will not recognize element. You have to check how the UI element can be identified uniquely with set of attributes which have been defined for it in HTML dom.

This issue is resolved. I configured outer block.

Isha Bhatnagar