Interactions Not working while configuring Putty

Hi Team,

I am trying to configure Putty in AE 18.0. AE is able to “SetText” in Putty but after that it is not able to press “Enter”. It doesn’t show any error but it is not sending Enter key.

I tried the following interactions inside “Win Popup Handler” activity: -
* Execute
* LineFeed
* Next
Nothing is working out of these. Not showing error but not pressing “enter” either.
“Next” interaction is giving following output: -

Similarly, “LineFeed” is giving the following output: -

I even tried “Execute” interaction inside “Image Control” activity: -

Still the same issue.
Can anyone please help me through this.

Thanks & Regards,
Isha Bhatnagar

Resolved. Changed location of Putty.exe