How we can handle if have more if else statment around 50

problem statment:i need to take input from the Web and need to compare with hardcoded values . there will be an 50 cases need to compare how we can approch

let say i have currency code of 50 states
each state coordinater have each mail id
need to take the currency code from web and need to send particular coordinator. what is the best optimal solution for this

HI @chandhu

This can be solved easily with Excel Loop activity.
Store the hard-coded values in Excel and loop the excel in your automation processes.

Put one If Condition to test whether the value coming from the Web is equal to the value of the currency code being read using an excel loop.
If it is equal, store the email id of that row in your desired argument and break the loop using Break Loop activity.

Hope this helps!

As suggested by @Mantri - Excel loop activity can be used to compare with hardcoded values.

you can implement and invoke LINQ or code in Automation Studio, to compare values retrieved from web with hardcoded values in loop.

hi @Mantri
I have 3 robots to handle how we can give same path of excel file to 3 robots please suggest

Hi @sumit.sagar Preformatted text, I done the same I have a 3 robots to handgle how we can give the File location of 3 robots

Hi @chandhu

Wherever you are designing the process, Excel Loop will keep the path of excel stored within the process.
The machine in which you will be running the robots, the excel file should be placed in the same location.

Hi @chandhu, You can use macro also to achieve similar functionality.

Hi @Mantri Actually i have 3 robo servers 1 web server and 1 app server .in the web server only i have Auotmation studio ,for each robo server there will be an different path of conifigurartion . how we can achieve that the folder structure if it is not common . can you please suggest any approch


You can also use switch case


In your process, you can add a file trigger.
In the Trigger window of the Control Tower, you can configure multiple triggers as per the file in the machine where Robot is running