How to use nested loop in excel

I want to read multiple excel files in a folder, and merge all data into a single excel.
I am saving the folder path in an excel and trying to use obtained file path to open that excel and read the value.
The issue here is when I am providing an argument (excel header) as file path how should I read the cells as headers and sheet name is not available.
kindly help in this scenario.


ExcelLoop : ExcelOne
Column : ExcelFilePath
Rows contains paths of excel

NestedExcelLoop : ExcelTwo
Assuming all excel have same header and columns

You can configure Nested Excel loop with an already existin excel and then replace the filepath with argument which will come from ExcelLoopOne

Hi Mansi,

Instead of nested Excel loop you can also try out Excel Recorder to copy data from input excel files and paste into single excel file. Kindly refer AutomationStudio user guide for more info on Excel Recorder activity.

Excel Recorder (

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