How to use API Activity


I am new to assistedge, i want to know how to use API Activity


Hi Yogesh,

API acitivity is used to invoke SAP and REST APIs.

Create Application

  • Go to Admin Tab of AssistEdge Studio.
  • Add an application of type Web API and specify all its properties.

Use API Activity in a Process

  • Clicking on Create New button in HOME tab of AssistEdge Studio will create a new process
  • Open the new or any existing process
  • Add "API activity" in the process designer
  • Select the new application that was created above.
  • Configure the request that you want to send and response output variable


Thanks for guidance… I need further help, while test run it’s showing an error Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: source.



Are you passing a parameter in request for which value is not defined. Check for arguments that you have defined and request you are sending. Paste screen of how you have configured process if you are not able to figure out the issue