How to select a value from the Drop down list (input value for the drop down is from excel)

Hi All,
I want to select a value from the dropdown, the drop down contains multiple values.
In the excel sheet, I have the input values…it is a web automation, where I have to take the input from the excel and pass the values to the form and create a user.
Now , I have a column named Country, I have to verify the input data with the dropdown values and select the corresponding input values to the country culumn.
Do I have to iterate the country column values to match with input?
How do I capture the nth element in the DropDown?.

Hi @ Mantri, @amit_anand15
I am doing a web automation use case …. And got stuck here….Please help me in capturing the values from the drop down, which should be compared with the input values from the excel.
So, I have a excel with input values.

I have to enter all the 4 values in to a form and create this sample using a web automation…
Now, the 3rd column (Record template) is a Drop Down. There are multiple values in the drop down,I have to match the drop down values with the input value from excel and set the value in the drop down field. Then click save to create a sample…
Can you please help me with the drop down column…
Can you please tell me how to compare the input value with the list of drop down values?
This is my first POC, Please do help me.