Ho to renew License


I read License related topics from forum . Someone has mentioned the link for renewing the license “https://cedownload.assistedgerpa.com”. So i have few queries.

  1. Do I need to again fill the all details which I had filled previously while registration?
    2)Do I need to uninstall the previous assist Edge and install it again by importing the new License?


Re-Register with your details and get a new license generated

Okay. Thank you…

Can you please tell me the steps of uploading new License?

Take a back up of your process by exporting them and uninstall existing Community Edition. Then reinstall the same

On start it will ask for the license file

Alternately you can got to InstallationDirectory\AssistEdge_CE\ACE\license folder and replace license.dat file with the new file


Okay. Thank you…