Generative AI Models in AssistEdge

Does EdgeVerve provide any of its own Generative AI models which can be leveraged by automation processes?

You can leverage Generative AI models with API mechanisms or customization with AssistEdge 19.1

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Are there any Generative AI models provided by AssistEdge or EdgeVerve?


AssistEdge by itself do not provide any generative AI models. However, you can integrate with Open AI generative model using AssistEdge


Edgeverve’s AssistEdge RPA Enterprise - Automation Studio OOB integration of Cognitive Services + OpenAI integration allows Developers to develop AI generative Automation Process Workflows, Users can design process utilizing Models of GPT 3 such as Davinci, Curie, Babbage, Ada, instruct and Codex - code-davinci, code-cushman. Custom Models can also be added to Model Configuration.

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