Flow to extract database from SAP LogOn

I am new to RPA, AssistEdge.
I want to extract data from SAP LogOn.
SAPLogOn-Database-Download as an Excel File.
Can anyone please help me with the process flow. I am trying it but going no where.
Thank you in advance


TO start SAP recording have the required pre-requisite dll. Post that add your SAP application from Application tab

Then using SAP recorder activity you can record your flow

Amit Anand

Hello Amit,
I did all the steps as you said but no success.

The script is not getting generated.

when I do the manual recording in SAP it works fine.
Can you help me with it?
Thank you.

Hello Amit

Can you please describe which folders should I exactly look for. On my workstation AssistEdge is installed on public server.

SapDtsCOMFramework this folder is missing but I was able to locate both the .dll

Thank you


Shriyash Dandagawhal


SAP prerequisite dll are not shipped with product. You have to download it from open internet