Field Configuration of Web App control - Open/Save Document option

How do I capture field configuration of a Open/Save document form that shows up at the bottom of a web page whenever we try to download some doc that is allowed in the Web page? See attached snapshot.

Appreciate the help. Thank You !!!


Open / Save / Cancel are not standard web elements. These are windows control. So, you will have to use Application host activity in parallel to step which opens this dialog box.
Select Windows option in the drop down. Open the activity and then configure the required UI elements.

Amit, Thank you for your response.

We tried that option with parallel, but did not work.

In Application host, we chose Windows Option and Attach Behavior is selected as Default, as there is no window name in the open/save windows control that we can provide.
In application control, field configuration does not grab that open/save window, its blank. See attached.

Anything that we could have missed or any other options to try ! Thank You.

Hi Prasad,

Follow these steps:

  1. Add a parallel block and inside that add two sequence. In one sequence put the steps required to bring Open / Save Window. and in another put a delay block and then add a Win Pop up handler activity
  1. Then open Win Pop up handler and provide the title of IE window. You can use document.title command in console to find title


  1. Click on Add and then you can use normal field configuration to scrap Open / Save button

Thank you the response. We tried applying your recommendations, but unable to bring the Open/Save download prompt for field configuration in AE using the ‘Win Popup handler’. See attached.

Also we are wondering if this open/save download prompt is whether a windows control from the app, as we can see this download prompt a standard fixture in all browsers.

We did take a look at the Popup Handler’ but not much help in using that as well.


Hi Prasad,

Pop up handler will not work. This is windows pop up handler and is standard for IE browser. Both Advanced or Basic configuration will work

Using tools such as UI Verifya or Spy++ check the title of Internet Explorer window in which it is coming. In my case it was (Admin Module - Internet Explorer ; document.title gave me Admin Module ).

Open IE window separately (not from Studio ) and reach till step where that Save pop up comes. Now configure your windows pop up handler by giving windows title. Click on Add and using either option your control should get highlighted. Check the screenshot

I have been trying to compare an Excel sheet header (variable) with a variable defined in the properties section of Text Extractor (using " = " operator). The values of both variables are same but then also the control goes to the else part always, ie , the condition is never true. Can anyone tell me why is that?

Use expression instead of = sign

Hi Amit,

I followed the same steps for configuring similar automation. I was able to identify and configure the save button using windows popup activity. But when I run the automation is throws error target window not found though save popup is available on the browser.

Could you please let me know what can be wrong in this case.

Thanks and Regards,
Vibhor Mahajan