Fetching details from excel

Hi team,
I need to copy some details from an application and pasted over an excel sheet and then m trying to fetch some details from excel , sometimes the excel file is in " Read -only" Mode, So at that time the bot is not able to do further operation
and throwing an exception (PFA screenshot) .
In this type of scenario what should i do to handle.



Using a powershell activity you can first remove read only property for the excel file. Post that do processing on the file


Hi Team,

I am new to AE
could u pls tell me how to use powershell script activity and wht all things we need to pass.
I need exactly same solution which was mentioned above.
Thank you!


Please refer the AssistEdge help guide


HI @swat

You can drag and drop the powershell activity on the canvas and connect it with the start node.
Create an argument with the default value as the file path of the file for which you want to change the permission.
Example - Argument Name - pathOfFile with default value - “C:\myfile.txt”

Then in the powershell activity select type as cmdlet.
Before powershell, use Assign activity to create the powershell command.

Create an argument to store the command. Example - psScript
In Assign activity, assin psScript with - "icacls “+pathOfFile+” /grant “Everyone:(w)”

Hope this helps