Facing issue to configure .docx document as a Decision Workbench reference document

I am working on Decision Workbench Activity and want to configure reference document. I want to configure .docx document as a reference document but facing issue.
Can some one help is there any prerequisits to configure .docx document?

Hi @bhuvan

Can you confirm if your AssistEdge RPA instance is running on LINUX or Windows?
Depending upon the environment that you’re using, the configurations may change.

Also, can you tell us what error you’re getting while configuring the docx document? Any logs that you can share?

Hi @Mantri
Thanks for your response. But all working for .pdf file.
Only i am facing issue to add .docx

Whick log should I share with you?

HI @bhuvan

Can you please share AssistEdge Studio logs where you are getting the error.
Also, any error message while configuring .docx file?

Can you share AssistEdge version on which you are facing this issue?

HI @bhuvan

I tested Decision Workbench Activity with .docx file.
I am facing no issue related to it.