Facing issue in Excel recording

Hi Team,

We have created one button in excel file by using excel macro. Once we click on that button, one new excel will get create. Now we want to use excel recording for the below workflow

Open excel (.xlsm) -> Click button which is already created by using excel macro -> save -> close

I have recorded this steps by using excel recording and it is giving test run successful. But after clicking on that button excel is not getting created.
Manually everything is working fine.
What could be the reason?
Thanks !


You can try adding your Excel as an Excel app and then invoke macro using interaction provided.

You can attach logs of Studio to investigate the rca of your issue


You are suggesting me to use windows app application, right?
I have tried that as well but facing the same issue. Process is shoeing test run successful but file is not created after clicking on that button.



Is your macro code failing or macro is not getting called. Check for exception in macro code.

Hi Amit,

Macro code is not failing it is giving test run successful. But while recording that button is not getting configured. Below is the macro which got created through Excel recording

Attribute VB_Name = “Module1”
Sub Script_11_36_10_14_10_2019(Parameters As Scripting.Dictionary)

’ Macro4 Macro

Workbooks.Open Filename:=Parameters.Item(“fileArg1”)
End Sub

Is it not possible to click on that Button through Excel recording?