Execute a process every Moday 8:00:30 AM

Hi Team,

I have a need to execute the process exactly at 8:00:30 AM every Monday.
While it is possible in EV Bot to achieve this, how can I trigger the process in Control Tower for the above excat time?

In the Enterprise version, you can create a Schedule-Based trigger and set the schedule type as Cron and specify Minute, Hour, Day-of-Month, Month, and Day-of-Week at which you want to trigger your process.
Refer to Creating Triggers for more details

Thanks @anshu.khetarpal. I am able to see the CRON option in the Trigger section of Control Tower.
But the CRON is supporting the time till minutes. How can I ensure that the the trigger is accurate till seconds?

If you want to ensure that the trigger time is accurate till seconds then whenever you are creating the trigger, it should be created at that particular second.

For example -

If you want to create the trigger for 8:00:30 AM, then you should hit the Done button whenever there’s 30th second on your clock like 12:53:30, 09:45:30, 06:34:30

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This trick helped. Thanks