Dynamic data read in excel

Hi Team,

I have to do vlookup on certain columns but the issue is the header name will be in different columns for different files. I want to do it in such a way that i can search for header name in whole sheet and find tha column number for that.Is there any way to do that.Thanks in advance

Here Status is in E column.

But here status is in F column.

Pooja Parameswaran


There is no out of box interaction to achieve this use case.
You can configure following process to achieve the same

  1. Open Excel and bring it in Focus using Focus Window acrtivity
  2. Using Key Event activity press Ctrl + F
  3. Configure Search Pop up using Win Pop Handler and enter search criteria and click on Search
  4. Read the cell location and extract the first character of the cell to get the column location

Amit Anand

Thanks Amit.Will try it.