Doc file is not getting created in eva bot


doc file is getting created in community edition studio successfully but after deployment I’m running it in eva bot and I’m getting error there as process failed and doc file is also not getting created after the process.


Hi Justin,

Your code editor block is fialing. Check in debug level logs reason for the same



but code editor is working fine in automation studio CE.



Check the reason of failure from logs available at:
\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA\Logs




I have gone through(\EdgeVerve Systems Limited\AssistEdge_CE\PA\Logs) these logs but they are same as per the screenshot, so i’m not getting where the actual problem we are facing with eva bot.


If you are checking correct logs then format should be something like this

instid~0 date~9/19/2018 time~05:29:03.740 level~Info priority~1 srcmodule~Utilities.Logging method~Logging message~Loaded InstanceID from app.config. Value is : 1 description~NA

Clear the logs and run your process and check the log folder again for all the logs generated