Different Configurations in Multimodal interface

Hi Team,

Can you explain the different types of configuration that can be used with the Multimodal Interface?

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 - Multi Model Interfaces supports various modes -

  1. Web Mode
  2. Windows Mode
  3. Image Mode

Other odes are -

  1. .Net Object Mode
  2. Excel Mode
  3. Mainframe Mode
  4. Java Mode

Extending on the answer provided by @sumit.sagar

Web Mode - For automating Web Applications
Windows Mode - For automating Windows Application
Image Mode - For automating any type of application based on Image. This mode will not work when your screen is locked
.Net Object Mode - Currently it is Beta Feature. It has the capability to detect the .NET buttons which Windows Automation can sometimes fail to detect. You can capture these objects and write your custom code for it
Excel Mode - For Performing various operations of Excel Sheet
Mainframe Mode - To automate actions on Mainframe Emulator
Java Mode - For automating Java applications

For more information - refer to Knowledge Base Multimodal Interface