Difference in Web Application and Windows application

How is the automation of web application different from the automation of windows application?

Automation Process which is having workflows based on Web Mode - can be reusable in any machines, whereas Automation Process with workflows based on Windows Application mode - can only be reused when deployed to machines having specific application.

Also, AssistEdge Multi-Model interfaces for web based application is Web Mode Interface, whereas for Desktop Application it is Window Modeā€¦

While Automating Web Application, you get all the below Actions provided by AssistEdge -

Control Exists
Wait Until Exists
Open Context Menu
Double Click
Get Value
Get Attribute
Get Text
Scroll By
Scroll Into View
Set Value
Set Attribute
Shift Click
All Above Actions
Get Table Data
Select List by Text
SelectList by Value

While Automating Windows Applications, the different Actions provided by AssistEdge are -

Mouse Click
Keyboard Input
Set Focus
If Control Exists
Get Object