Date and Time Issue


I defined an argument d as an object
I assigned d as new date()
I assigned CurrDate to d.tostring()
I writeline CurrDate and get:
CurDate=1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

why am I not getting now?


Hi Brett,

I did not exactly got your issue
But in case you wan to get current date time.

  1. Declare an argument of type DateTime (say dt)
  2. Assign dt = Date.Today()
  3. dt.ToString will convert date to string which you can writeline



when I do this as you say I get a correct date thank you

fyi I do not get a correct time <-- shows midnight (00:00:00)



Use Date.Now() method to get current time


This is working now. TY

You know how you can do a “does control exist?”

Is there an equivalent method to asking if a window title exists?



Hi Brett,

You can select any UI element on a web page or thick client application and do control exist interaction. It will return a boolean value depending upon control as defined by selector is present or not

There is no window title exists interaction