Data Science And AE RPA platform (Post 1A: Data Cleaning : Missing Values)

If you are interested in Data Science then AE RPA bots can be of great help to perform multiple operation which needs to be done periodically. To begin with a Data science project cannot be successful unless your data is accurate, complete and consistent. Data cleaning refers to techniques to ‘clean’ data by removing outliers, replacing missing values, smoothing noisy data, and correcting inconsistent data. In subsequent post i will be posting steps how you can deal with Missing data in your data set using AE RPA platform.

Use case discussed will be:

  1. Filling in missing value**
  2. Using a standard value to replace the missing value**
  3. Using central tendency (mean, median, mode) for attribute to replace the missing value**
  4. Using the most probable value to fill in the missing value**
  5. Removing the roe**

Thanks @amit_anand15 for sharing this information.