Customization of RPA reports

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Is it possible to customize the Kibana UX for RPA Advanced reports?

Hi @mrunalini ,

Users can create Custom dashboard, Business Data Reports in AssistEdge 19.0 or above, In Reporting module. You can refer link for this - Custom Business Reports and Dashboard

Sumit Sagar

Thank you for providing reference link.

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Welcome, @mrunalini!


Apart from Business Reports all automation transaction data is present in Txn Store Index. Depending upon use requirement user with required access rights can create dashboard and insights direct in Kibana from the stored data.

Once created dashboard will be visible to user with required access


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One thing to note here, once you create the custom dashboard, it will be visible to you.
But once you visit Reporting page again, you’ll not be able to see that dashboard.

To fix this, you need to provide access to the newly created dashboard for the desired roles.