Credential vault in community edition


I am a community user. I want to use use third party credential vault i.e. BeyondTrust. It will help me if some one share me steps.

Hi @bhuvan

You cannot use Credential Manager in the Community version.
AssistEdge 19.1 Enterprise Version supports integration with Beyond Trust as well.

Please confirm if you are looking for the steps for enterprise version.

AssistEdge Enterprise 19.1 offers capability of Credential vaults integration, Custom vault Integration.

Contact Edgeverve for Enterprise version -

Thanks All for your response.

Unfortunatly i am not able to access Enterprise Version. Is there any way to integrate third party credential vault in Community Edition.?

Hi @bhuvan

In the community edition, your encrypted password is not stored on any server. Your encrypted passwords are stored locally on your machine. So, the integration of value is not needed.

But still, if you want to fetch the credentials from Beyond Trust, you can call their API in the Automation Studio process. You must know how to call the API and have all the parameters with you.

You can use the Rest API activity to send the authentication token and all other parameters

Refer to the Knowledge Base for more information.

The other solution is to use Microbot.