Creating New Role

Hi Team,

How do I create a new role in AssistEdge RPA?

For providing the accesses to the new role, whether I have to do any backed configuration?

You can add new Role in Add New Role. After adding a new role, Super Admin is assigns appropriate access to new user in elastic config.yml, Access is provided in elastic config.yml to restrict access to PII data. You can refer Admin guide for Adding new Roles and Installation guide for Config yml update.

Hi @Mantri,

Roles can be created from admin module. Login into admin module, expand menu, expand configuration menu and click on Manage Role option. And the follow the instructions specified in Defining Roles and Access

Thee is an option to specify role access from admin module itself and refer this link for detailed information. Defining Roles and Access

Thanks @rajasri.muthaiya for sharing the useful links