COM object that has been separated from its underlying RCW cannot be used


Issue which you have mentioned. Is it occurring in first iteration of excel loop or in subsequent iteration.
One of the probable reason for this exception is that your excel process is getting killed in between process execution.

It is in the first iteration. How do I fix it?

Hi Mark,

This issue appears to be very application specific. When you run it for first iteration then first four steps Set Value , Set Value Click Lending Space.1 and Click - Lending Space 4 happens correctly.
Also, does the page reloads after step Click-LendingSpace.4

As a work around to perform Click- LendingSpace.2 try using Image Based automation or Execute Java Script activity.

I am not sure of the stems to use image based automation. This is what I tried -


Yes that is correct. Configure interaction Wait until exist and then click after opening the image activity block.
But before image automation make sure to bring your application window in focus using Focus Window activity.